Dead Men Don’t Take Selfies

Never bet a buck on a horse named Immortality. It was raining hard in the Queen City. A cold, stinging rain. The kind of rain that floods the sewers and the gutters. The kind of rain that washes all the filth and the scum and the slime and the sleaze… Read more »

Customer Service Blunders (starring Time Warner Cable)

Today’s episode of How Not To Do Customer Service is being brought to you by Time Warner Cable. Let’s all give a big round of applause to the clueless and apathetic at Time Warner Cable. Step One is to send the customer a letter that begins “We’re pleased to extend… Read more »

Red Dwarf Theme Song Sheet Music

Howdy doodly doo! It’s easy to find sheet music for the upbeat tune that became the show’s theme song in season 3. But originally there was a somber instrumental, meant to remind listeners of 2001: A Space Odyssey. I struggled to find the sheet music. was as close as… Read more »

Make A Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant

Motivational Press is the leading mid-tier publisher of business, leadership, health & wellness, and personal growth books internationally. On September 6 they published Make A Difference: From Being Successful to Being Significant by Ron Finklestein and Michael LaRocca. It’s an allegory about a successful businessman who wrestles with the question… Read more »

Michael LaRocca Obituary

I’ve Googled myself more than once over the years. Maybe you’ve Googled yourself too. But I doubt you’ve Googled me. As you know, when you start typing a term into the Google search window, it suggests what it thinks you want to search for. I don’t know what this particular… Read more »

Why Is My Life So Boring?

Chapter Five All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone. Blaise Pascal, Pensées What a terrible burden it is to have nothing to do! Nicolas Boileau-Despéraux If something in your life is causing you stress, and you cannot address the cause of that… Read more »

Qiandao Lake

Before I go on, let me introduce you to Mr. Zinger. I will call him this because he says things I can never reply to. I don’t want to use Sam’s real name because he might be reading this. Once upon a time, Mr. Zinger was looking at Picasso, who… Read more »